Tools for Brilliance ™ is about life coaching, personal & professional development, and tools for brilliant performance.

Coaching is a space for a different kind of conversation, one that is philosophical without being academic and, hopefully, makes a difference in the lives of those who engage it. Coaching is a conversation about strength and possibility rather than deficit and limitations. Focusing on all reasons why you can’t do something encourages helplessness; let’s talk instead about what would have to be different if you could. Let’s talk about resources you have used to overcome difficult circumstances and how those might be tapped today. Let’s take a stand for the future as if you already are successful and ask what would have happened to get from here to there.

I am not talking about positive thinking. I am talking about resourceful thinking; and there is a big difference. Positive thinking is about willing things to turn out the way we want just by believing in it. Resourceful thinking is about taking inventory of our personal and environmental assets and creating a path to the results we want. This is far more effective than chanting “I think I can! I think I can!” or even “I know I can!” That may be a inspirational first step but it isn’t enough.

I know you, I, we have the resources necessary to create more powerful futures. I know that you use extraordinary creativity, intelligence and skill just being who and what you are. But I also know that yesterday is not your limit, nor is today. All you need is a powerful vision, the intention and the diligence to pursue it and a few new skills and strategies get there from here. When you are living from your vision, your mission and your values, you will quit talking about what you have to do and start talking about what you get to do. You start living as if it mattered, as if you have something to contribute.

The purpose of the Tools for Brilliance ™ blog space is to share with you what coaching means to me and how it  can turbocharge all areas of life; and to put the tools for transformation (tools for brilliance) within reach, tools that can completely turn a life around in a single instant.

Will coaching make your life simple and problem-free? Absolutely not! Although, it just might complexity more entertaining and problems less consequential.

I hope you will find this, my cyber-home, interesting. But much more, I hope you, my guests, will make it interesting by contributing your stories, your questions, your experience and knowledge.

Want it. Believe it. Pursue it. But above all else, be it.

Rodney L. Merrill, MPH, PhD
Tools forBrilliance

“A Coach Approach to Accelerated Personal & Professional Development”

To my guests who are experiencing overwhelming psychological challenges:

Coaching is not a substitute for therapeutic intervention. It is a philosophy and ethic combined with powerful strategies for living with exuberance and vision.  If you experiencing significant psychological difficulties that limit your ability to benefit from coaching, I encourage you to seek professional counsel to support you in becoming more resilient.


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