Coaching Services

This blog is about life coaching. I have no ax to grind and no particular coaching perspective to push. In fact, I do not believe any one approach has a monopoly on good results. A coaching style that is effective with one client or situation may be inappropriate with another.

I am most involved with solution-based coaching, NLP-based (neurolinguistic programming) coaching and self-talk coaching. In addition, I am ready, willing and able to offer an array of adjunct modalities in support of the coaching relationship, depending entirely on the wishes of my clients. These include time-line recalibration, hypnosis, creative visualization, guided imagery,  and self-talk.

None of these services are psychological therapies nor should they be understood as psychological therapies. They are coaching tools and accelerated learning modalities and, as such, they should not be engaged in lieu of psychological therapy by anyone needing support with mental health issues.

Rodney L Merrill, MPH, PhD

  • Personal Life Coach
  • Health Behavior Specialist
  • Consulting Sport Hypnotist
  • Master Hypnotist
  • NLP Master Practitioner


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